Friday, December 24, 2004

I'm a virgin at this--please be gentle!

Ok, so I'm trying this because so many of my friends have blogs on this (as well as my partner). I'm a total newbie to this, so please bear with me while I get all the kinks out.

Guess I'm finally catching on to this whole blog nonsense, even if I'm not really into it--yet.

Here's all the basics on me:
30 years old
2nd generation Filipino American (born here, parents are from the Philippines)
Gay/Queer (same-sex oriented, if you want to get technical)
Partnered for almost 8 years (we got married in SF on Valentine's Day '04...too bad they're not legal anymore :(
Doctoral student at UCSF's medical sociology program

Other stuff:
Hobbies--archery, swimming, video games (especially DDR and bemani), reading blogs, chat

Hmmm, I'll type in more when I'm not so tired...I'm off to the SF Asian Art Museum tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hey Efren,

I just discovered your blog, through James' site. Welcome to the community.

But now you're gonna have to get a more universal comment server, so non-Blogger users can post.


AiYahh said...

welcome to da world of blogging baby!

hope u enjoy your stay here. if you make a mess, who cares, it's your blog! i'm sure there will be someone out there that will appreciate it :)