Thursday, February 17, 2005

Preaching to the straight folk...

So the husband and I went to this thing today called Third Thursdays, a discussion group for Asian Americans involving various topics. Today's happened to be about relationships. Never mind that we're the only queer ones there (though there were some hot boys there who kept tripping up my gaydar...), and who were the supposed long-term couple!

For the most part, it was pretty cool, though it was weird talking to straight folks about our relationships, and how there seems to be commonality behind relationships, regardless of that person's sex/gender/gender presentation. There was very little Queer 101 questions, though it seems that people were really wanting to ask! I guess that was the weird part, realizing that our relationship is fairly normal, going through the same problems and issues that straight couples do, with a little added queer twist now and then...

Guess that's another networking group to be involved in--at least it's only once and month, and I can put in some queer flava into it!


Bernie said...

Hi Efren,

Just remembered I had bookmarked your site.

About this entry, isn't it wonderful when you can be yourself in mixed spaces and find connection with people.

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