Sunday, March 27, 2005

Newest food thing...

So I've been reading saveur magazine and was intrigued about this
dessert suggestion of blue cheese with honey. Samovar, a tea shop in
the Castro, offers a dessert course with raw honeycomb, blue cheese,
sliced red pears, and vine-dried raisins. I paired this with a Hibiscus
Kiss, a hibicus flower infusion. Totally decadent, and highly
recommended. The bitterness of the blue cheese, offset by the sweetness
of the honey, and the raisins and pear (which wasn't fibrous at all,
thank God). Yummy.

I wanna come out here again and try their poached eggs, rice and
furikake breakfast one of these days.


Allie said...

bleu cheese, huh? not my favorite. can't get over the smell. when i was in france, my friend got the cheese plate for dessert, which i didn't share. and she didn't get any of my creme brulee, either.

Efren said...

well, I guess I got over the smell, especially when you pair it off with the honey.

you should really check out samovar next time you and joz come up here--lots of lesbos there for some reason. i promise i won't have the blue cheese platter.