Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Weird thing at breakfast today...

So I'm having to eat soft foods until tomorrow since I got my wisdom teeth removed. Earlier this morning, I was looking for a Chinese restaurant serving rice porridge. So I've stopped by this one restaurant that just opened on Taraval and 28th Ave. in the Sunset, aptly named T-28, and ordered their breakfast special of rice porridge with dried scallops and rice noodle with combination sauce (for $3.95, too).

The porridge was pretty much what I was expecting, but the rice noodle was interesting. Dried shrimp, scallions...sauces were hoisin, Sriracha (this red spicy sauce that I've usually seen more for Vietnamese pho* more than anything, and yes, I know the site is Pho King, but I just couldn't pass it up!)...

And this brown sauce. I looked at it, looked at it again, and thought, "What the this peanut butter?"

So I tasted it. Sure enough, peanut butter. And not just any peanut butter. Skippy creamy peanut butter! (at least they could've used Jif instead!)

Needless to say it tasted weird with the noodles. I tried eating all the ones that were surrounding the peanut butter and the peanut butter threatened to cover all of the noodles, so I had to put some on so that I had a dam for it.

At least now I can brush and floss my teeth. I was getting tired of the taste of blood on my tongue.

I also have a really disgusting story involving peanut butter, but it's better (and more appropriate) to talk about it in person. :)


musikchyck said...

did you know that a certain taiwanese girl i know eats peanut butter on noodles? not only that, her dad keeps a jar of peanut butter on the dinner table to add to his meal, whatever he's having.

peanut butter is better than pork sung, by the way.

Efren said...

oh my god, that's gross!

i can totally handle pork sung, but not peanut butter, especially not something as lame as skippy. guess it's the fact that the husband's allergic to peanuts, so i don't eat peanuts around him if i can help it.

when i was eating the noodles this morning, i could taste the faux-peanut butter taste on them and was disgusted. next time i see this taiwanese girl, i'll make sure to bring a jar of peanut butter if we have noodles--what kind does she like?

oh yeah, i'm buying happy meals for this same taiwanese girl so she can get her little dogs and cats. sheesh!

King Anarchy said...
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King Anarchy said...

Do they have zero fat peanut butter? I'm all for low carbs & low calories. Peanut butter on noodles is nasty though.