Friday, June 10, 2005

Fabulous day for physical activities (even if my interview did suck)...

Well, I had my interview today for the job I really wanted, but it turned out that what the people who were hiring wanted was really not what I had to offer. After an obviously painful and awkward interview where we all knew I wasn't qualified for the position, I got around to asking, "So, why did you call me in for an interview?" They answered, "We LOVED your cover letter, so we wanted to ask you in."

Great. A fabulous cover letter that detailed to them (at least I thought) that I wasn't qualified in their eyes, but they still wanted to interview me. And it took an hour long drive for me to get there. At least they said they'd consider me for other positions that were more to my talents.

Oh well.

At least I had a great day doing active physical stuff. Had an archery tournament where I placed 4th, but I was doing consistently very well. 40 yards sucked (scored a total of 63 out of 300), but at 30 yards I scored relatively well (averaging 30 out of 60 points), and by 20 yards, all of my ends were in the high 40s (46, 48, 49, and 48). I would've broken 50 when I was scoring the 49, but I grazed my friend's arrow, and what should've been a 10 ended up being an 8. Dammit.

(NB: An end is 6 arrows shot, and scoring is from 1 to 10, with 10 being the inner gold or a bullseye. The size of the target is about 80 cm, so from 20 yards it's literally trying to be William Tell, shooting an arrow at a circle the size of an apple or a large orange.)

The last end was amazing. The first 5 arrows were all in gold. 10, 9, 9, 9, 9. At the last arrow I thought, "Wow, I havent scored this well since I was a beginner."

I think I jinxed myself. Last arrow fishtailed, spun around, and landed in the outside blue. A 5. Damn.

At least I scored a 51, but I could've scored as high as a 56.

Now if I only I could be as consistent and good all the time!

Oh yeah, my two hour workout at the gym after that was amazing as well. I'm feeling really good.

That makes up for the lousy interview, but at least all I really have to do is keep applying (or ask for more work from my transcription job...).


TatangREtong said...

Be careful of fools who interview even though they realize you are not qualified. Not very smart says the little piggy.

digitalscribble said...

That reminds me of an interview I had a few months ago. During my interview, I probably said a total of 10 words. The boss spent the entire hour talking about himself and forgot to as me questions! The only thing he did ask me towards the end was why I wanted to work there and at that point I had nothing to say! Needless to say, I didn't get a call back! :)

:: jozjozjoz :: said...

The right thing will happen for you!