Monday, June 27, 2005

Newest addiction...

Looking through Bit Torrent files to get shows of _Trivia no Izumi_ now that the American version has been cancelled. While I don't understand Japanese at all, I can infer enough of it so that it's actually pretty hilarious. The American version, which was all poorly dubbed voiceovers (using only 5 voices no less!), sucked, but it got me hooked. It also helps that I have a crush on Norito Yashima (I'm a sucker for cute Asian guys in glasses).

Most recent one:

#475 -- If you play a song by female J-pop singer Hitoto Yo, "Weeping in Sympathy," at a slower pace, it sounds like a male singer, Hirai Ken.

The show played the song at full speed, and then slowed it to 80%, and it did sound like a guy. One of my friends who's more conversant in J-pop than I am was shocked that it actually did sound like the guy.

It got me thinking--are there any American singers where that could happen?

The mind ponders...

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