Monday, June 20, 2005

Random phrases going through my head...

First sentences of paragraphs that I never finished writing: Some are fiction, most are truth.

“and he looked at me, his face contorting slowly. The next moment, his face shattered as the realization couldn’t be contained any longer, and he ran away, screaming epithets, crying bitter tears. I didn’t bother to run after him because I knew he’d come back.”

“As I braced for the first bite of the scalpel, I heard the shaking of the chain link fence 15 feet away. A barrage of sounds assaulted my ears as different scenes were unfolding around me. Muffled cries and barked orders, loud sighs with orgasmic grunts. But, it was the barking that did me in. A couple of guys, barking at each other. My body started to shake as I tried to contain my laughter. I knew that there were a lot of different fetishes, but the barking wasn’t sexy. As it devolved into yips of poodles and Pomeranians, the cutter waited for me to calm down before he tried again.”

“The rush of the endorphins as the tattoo needle incessantly bit my skin made me clutch my head so hard that I didn’t realize that my forearms were aching until a couple of hours after it was all over. Intermittent buzzes and needle stings feeling like hot knives going through my upper thigh while the husband tended to his knitting.”

“I wanted to scream at her, wondering where the hell she got her holier-than-thou attitude. I was afraid though, because I knew that once I started, my rage wouldn’t end until I saw her cowering in front of me, pleading for forgiveness. The look in my eyes of crimson rage said it all. She hasn’t spoken to me since.”

“It’s so easy to be bitter in the face of impossible odds. I realize that it’s easier just to prove your worth by doing what you need to do. Sure it’s foolhardy, but my conscience wouldn’t let me go if I didn’t at least try.”


musikchyck said...

do you just have these things in your head or do you write them down on little scraps of paper or what? brilliant!

are you guys coming down next weekend?

Efren said...

they're mostly in my head. i really need to sit my ass down and actually just write some stuff. i got invited to write for an erotica anthology and i'm hoping to pull some shit together in time to get it submitted.

oh yeah, we'll be coming down this weekend. the husband's going to an anime convention, and i'll just be hanging out with friends. i'll give you guys a call when i'm down there. :)