Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Finally doing it...

After years and years of going in and out of sociology grad school, I finally left the doctoral program at UCSF in medsoc. I highly recommend the program, but for me, I left after realizing that my heart wasn't it. After my mom passed 2 years ago, I went through this period questioning whether I should stay or leave the program, I tried doing dissertation ideas, and just realized that I wasn't all that interested in becoming a Ph.D.

The final nail in the coffin was that when I was the executive director for FTFA, I realized that I had more drive and desire to do that and had absolutely none for doing my doctoral work.

When my professors and I agreed that I should leave the program, I was sad for about a day, and then I was fine the next. Guess it really shows how much I really wanted it.

I just have to file the last bit of paperwork this week, and then I start selling all these soc books that I don't have any use for.

Right now, I'm actually thinking of going into pharmacy school so I'm planning on taking some refresher courses at City College, and I've been talking to people who are students and who graduated. My career path seems to be headed towards medicine anyway and at least with pharmacy it's less of a committment (4 years) than doing the 10 years with doing med. We'll see what happens. :)


:: jozjozjoz :: said...


Watch what you call me on my blog!!!


musikchyck said...

does this mean we get to call you and ask, "what does this do?" because when i try to ask my cousin, who's a pharmacist in san jose, she just says, "hey, i can't tell you, it's not your stuff." (granted, we usually do this after snooping in someone else's medicine cabinet.) you must invest in airborne if you're going to be around sick people all the time, though!