Sunday, July 24, 2005

No more ants (and other scintillating details of my life this weekend)...

So after a week and a half, the ant problem's finally gone. We had ants come in about 2 weeks ago when the husband and I went down to LA/OC, and nothing worked..washing down the walls to clean off the ant scent trail, our trusty orange oil based repellent...nothing.

Finally, after looking up non-stinky and relatively environmentally friendly solutions to getting rid of this problem, I came across Terro, which is essentially sugar syrup with borax in it. The ants licked it up, and while it was pretty gross seeing hordes of ants around the trap, it worked--we had a small pile of dead ants around the trap since many of them OD'ed on the syrup.

Also, I have a job interview tomorrow over at one of the hospitals in SF doing transcription. In Pathology. At 5-8 in the morning. While I'm pretty sure I'll get the job, and the pay's pretty decent, do I really want to type up autopsies that early in the morning?

I told a co-worker about this and he seemed too fascinated.

"Wow, you'll get to learn all the various ways people die! What if they put you in the morgue while you work? That'll be SO cool!"

Uh, yeah.

Wish me luck tomorrow, though I'm pretty sure it'll be ok.

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derailuer said...

good luck on your interview!!!!!!!!
If you GET the job at least you wont have to worry about people being in a grumpy mood when you go to work in the morning. . they will all be DEAD> !!!!!!!!! a great way to start the day!!!!!