Sunday, July 31, 2005

Random shit before going to bed...

--Borrowed and ripped MIA's new CD--fucking amazing. Political, sexy, thinking person's hip hop. Favorite songs: "Bucky Done Gun," "URAQT," and "Galang."

--Burned about 7 CD's full of old MP3's from my old iMac. Songs on heavy rotation: "Get To Know Ya" by Maxwell, "Sleep While I Drive" by k.d. lang and Melissa Etheridge, "Pleasure Principle" by Janet.

--Was finally able to listen to "This Woman's Work" (unplugged version) by Maxwell without crying. I used the song a lot to help me get over my mom's passing.

--Doing a 5km tomorrow morning as part of the festivities for the SF Marathon. Thinking of whether I'm crazy/stupid enough to do another marathon in Honolulu, or do a long-distance open water swim or train for a triathlon.

--I should really start planning how to lose weight. If I'm going to do decently in a tri or open-water swim I should lost at least a little bit. I'm getting sick of my eating patterns and I'm probably going to see a nutritionist about it soon.

--Figuring out what classes to take at CCSF next semester to prepare for med/pharm--either human phys or intro to bio, or maybe o-chem if I'm that crazy to do it.

--Downloading a huge Trivia no Izumi batch from BitTornado. 50 episodes--woo hoo! Also showed a bunch of clips of it for a friend's ex-bf. He was laughing through most of it.

--Funniest trivia: #785 from 7/20/05: There's a robot designed to practice kendo (Japanese bamboo sword fighting). It's actually pretty funny because the robot doesn't really fight--it just moves back and forth while the trainee just learns how to make various strikes. According to my friend, it costs $8500 (!) and 25 have been sold (wtf?!). But, there are problems--you can't place it on a hill as it'll roll away, and you can't have cell phones or any major electronic equipment as it'll interfere with the controls of the robot. Pretty stupid stuff, but I guess people are willing to pay for anything.

Anyway, I'm off to bed. :)


EJ Flavors said...

Do the marathon in Honolulu, man! I missed you last time! That'll give me a perfect excuse to go!

:: jozjozjoz :: said...

Flan! Flan! Flan!