Wednesday, July 13, 2005

So much to blog about!

Let's see...

Little bits and pieces (hopefully to explain later) of what's going through my mind right now.

Saw A Dirty Shame, a movie by John Waters about sexual fetishes and found it curious that bears figured prominently in the movie, even though bears probably doesn't qualify as a fetish as much as most of the other things there (like people getting off on having food thrown at them or being into dirt). Realized that if people really knew all the stuff I've done, I'd probably be kinkier than most of them. :)

Trying my hand at writing erotica (which I haven't done and haven't been published in 10+ years) since I was invited to submit something for a friend's anthology on queer men's erotic writings.

I got called by LOGO, the new queer MTV network, since they wanted to do some reality TV show on queer APIs. Considering I've already gone through most of my drama (Jesus, isn't having my marriage broadcast all over Asia, Australia and North America enough?), I'd probably be pretty boring. The husband and I were joking that we could probably do some major dramatic thing just for the show (those of you who know us could probably guess what we'd do), but I have such a horrible poker face that I'd probably start laughing as I would try to be dramatic.

Placed 1st in my division at my most recent archery tournament last Friday (well, really 3rd, but the other two guys have been doing archery for years and we were placed in different categories), even though I was tired as fuck. I got a new bowstring a few weeks ago at the new archery store in Daly City called Pacifica Archery and it's Filipino owned! They're going to start a Filipino archery league this Friday which I'm totally excited about.

Ants have invaded our house. I'm trying Terro, this ant poison which is basically sugar syrup with borax. Odorless and relatively painless (at least for me). Hopefully the damn things will be gone soon!

I have a job interview (well, audition, technically) for the Princeton Review on Saturday, teaching test prep for the SAT and GRE to overachieving anal high school and college students. Hopefully there'll be some cute (and legal!) guys if I get hired. The audition is a 5 minute teaching session--I'll be doing it on basics of wine tasting. Wish me luck!

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