Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Another bit of trivia...

The group of 50 episodes of Trivia no Izumi I d/l from Bit-Tornado had the first ever episode--with Norito Yashima definitely looking not as geeky but a lot more faggy (bleached hair, and he wore a white tuxedo vest similar to Katsumi Takahashi), and those glasses...*sigh* On a side note, I've noticed I'm definitely a lot more attracted to guys who are comfortable with being gay and for some reason he definitely trips up my gaydar.

Anyway, here's the first ever trivia from the show:


In Europe, there's a Pissing Girl statue (similar to the Pissing Boy statue in Belgium).

The statue is locked up and opened by a caretaker every day. It's basically a bronze statue of a naked little girl in pigtails spreadeagled, pissing. She definitely looks relieved.

There's no way in hell they'd ever show that in the US even though it's perfectly innocent.

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