Monday, August 15, 2005

Fairy Tale trivia from Trivia no Izumi...

I downloaded 50 episodes of Trivia no Izumi (thanks to Bit-Tornado), and I've been watching them like crazy (and fawning over Norito Yashima *sigh*).

So here's some Fairy Tale Trivia:

#361: In the original version of The Three Little Pigs, the wolf eats the first two pigs after he blows their houses down. When the wolf tries to slide down the chimney after failing to blow down the third pig's house, the wolf lands into a pot of water...

and the pig eats him for dinner!

and here's another one:

When a boy in Peter Pan's group starts to go through puberty, instead of kicking them out--he kills them.

Does Michael Jackson know this?

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