Thursday, September 01, 2005

Going to LA this weekend!

So I'm driving down to LA tomorrow with the husband after my Bio class (which I'm apparently doing really well in, surprisingly enough).

It should be a lot of fun, since all we're really doing is just hanging out with friends (the main purpose is to go to a friend's barbecue over in Pasadena), like the (in)famous jozjozjoz, my ex, and otherwise just relaxing. We also plan on checking out the Huntington Garden (since my ex says there's a "Chinese Garden" there now, whatever the heck that means), and going to Lucky Boy, this greasy spoon of a burger joint off the 110 in Pasadena (I used to live in South Pasadena about 10 years ago, and that's one of the places that I miss the most, if only because their fried zucchini's amazing!). It's just funny how people in SoCal seemed to know where you live if you tell them what freeways you're close to--I would tell people I lived in South Pasadena, but they'd only get it if I say, "I live where the 10, 110, and the 210/134 meet". We also plan on going to the outlet mall in Camarillo when we drive back on Monday, since we'll be taking the 101 back up (it's a lot less crazy than taking the 5--the only reason why we're going down the 5 is because the friend that we're staying with lives where the 5 and the 405 meet in the San Fernando Valley.

It's kinda nice to go down to LA to visit, even if I know there's no way in hell I'd ever live there again. :)

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