Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cutting my (ever receding) hair...

So I went to go get my hair cut earlier this afternoon, and while I usually don't really care too much about my hair and have resigned myself to the fact that I probably will get the dreaded halo (and am prepared to keep my head shaved for the rest of my life once that happens) by the time I'm in my 40s, it's a shock to actually see more and more of my head everytime I go to the barber.

The funny thing is that I've never really cared too much about whether I'm going to become bald because for most of my childhood, my dad had the stereotypical comb-over which I thought was just ridiculous. Because he was so afraid of losing his hair, my dad had a hard time cutting my hair whenever I demanded that he cut my hair short--and when I did try to have him cut it short, it ended being cut really badly.

On a tangent, that was one of the ways that my dad and I hung out--he would cut my hair and we would talk about things, but as he got older, his hairstyles got worse and worse and I eventually ended up getting my hair cut at a barber. I think my dad was a little disappointed when I started doing that, though we do tend to bond now during different times (like when we have to drive to the never-ending gatherings and all the damn drama I went through earlier this year).

The nice thing about it now is that he shaves his head all the time now, and he has me to thank for it. I ended up shaving my head about 6 or 7 years ago, and when my dad saw me for the first time with my head shaved, he couldn't stop staring at it, as if I had done something odd. Considering the other haircuts I've had in the past that my dad hated (from the bleached hair that all Filipinos go through in high school--to the leave-the-top-long-till-it-grows-over-your-head-while-shaving-the-sides-and-the-back thing that all the Asian guys did in the early 90s), he seemed to actually approve. Mind you, this was still while he had his horrid combover.

The next time I saw him a couple weeks later, my mom pulled me aside and said, "Your dad copied you!" Sure enough, as soon as I saw my dad, he had shaved his head like mine. "Like father, like son!" my mom laughed.

At least, he finally got rid of that damn combover.

So now that I'm really coming to grips with the fact that I am following in his tracks genetically, I've decided to at least look like I have hair until the halo effect becomes too great, though I love having guys rub my head when it's either fully shaved or just has a whisper of growth around it. I think it's a turn-on for both the rub-er and the rub-ee. :)

The nice thing to know about this is that (from my biology class) pattern baldness is determined by testosterone levels as well as hereditary, so my hormones are still raging (relatively anyway). Plus, I know who I can blame that (and all my other hormonal tendencies) on.

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