Thursday, October 27, 2005

Geez, what else can you do?

So I was reading through my more professional e-mail accounts and got an e-mail from a woman thinking that she was sending something out to her girlfriend/friend/lover/whatever, presumably from a work address.

Ack. At least it wasn't erotic.

So I sent her a gentle e-mail reminding her to confirm such e-mails and to be careful about sending e-mails through a work address, like so:

Hi there--

Not to sound rude, but you have the wrong e-mail

Please ask your friend to confirm the right e-mail
address and hopefully you won't be sending personal
e-mails to a total stranger.

You might also want to send personal e-mails out from
a more personal address like through or since e-mails sent through your job e-mail
are your firm's property and could be used as evidence
that you're not spending your time wisely at work.

Have a good day.

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