Sunday, October 30, 2005

This stuff happens in San Francisco?

So I'm at an acquaintance's Halloween party with the husband and didn't know anyone there except some of our mutual friends who belong to his Dungeons & Dragons group...

After they left to go to another party, I didn't really know anyone there, so I could go into my sociologist mode and made a few observations.

1. The husband decided to go into S&M drag/Village People drag (the leather guy, and the husband decides to wear a chain mail top with leather cap and ripped up blue jeans), and gets hit on by both men and women.

A buxom blonde (female) nurse said to him, "What would happen if you tried to kiss me?"

The husband replies, "Well, my boyfriend wouldn't like it, for one thing..."

I just smiled.

I also pointed out that when he took off his chain mail top so that one of our friends' boyfriends could try it, immediately 10 guys stare at his back, mouths agape, then whip out their cameraphones to take pictures of his back tat. Never mind that none of them talk to him.

Gee, did I really look like the menacing boyfriend?!

2. There were about 6 guys wearing the same damn outfit--looking like Olivia Newton-John from her Physical video. It would've been ok if they all went together at the same time and coordinated it...

but they didn't.

So one of the white guys in the outfit tries to hit on both me and the husband saying, "Have we met before?"

And we both reply, "Uh, no..."

Then the white guy tries to have small talk with us, which was okay, until...

The white guy sees this other guy who's wearing the same ONJ outfit, who happens to be Asian, and asks him, "So do you know these guys?"

We both look at each other and say, "Uh, no."

The guy in the green says, "Why? Should we?"

I say, "Yeah, why? I've never met him before." (He is kinda cute...)

There is a pregnant pause....

And then he says, "Is it because...we're ASIAN?!"

We both start laughing while the white guy slowly slinks off, humiliated. He doesn't talk to any of us the rest of the night.

Geez, if this weren't SF, it may be a bit excusable--but in SF, come on!

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EJ Flavors said...

that had to be THE most hilarious stuff i have heard in a while. i know he feels embarassed, but cmon.....