Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The six word novel...

I ran into a little clip about this in the Utne Reader, and have been really curious about it. Apparently, this was started as a contest by Hemingway and some other writer-type folk who bet that he could write an entire novel in 6 words.

Hemningway's take: "For sale: Baby shoes. Never used."

It got me thinking...if you could write a novel in six words, how would you do it?

Here's a link I saw from another blog about this.

Considering the husband tries to do a haiku at the end of his posts on his blog, I guess I can start doing the 6 word novel on mine.

Here are some of my takes:
From a gaping hole, crowded limbs.

"I'm gay," he said. "And?" "And?!!"

He pulled the trigger. "Good night."

"I thee wed." "For HOW much?!"

Cowering, gasping, she locked the door.

This is a lot harder than I expected! Any other 6 word novels would be greatly appreciated.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Pictures at SF Japantown Peace Plaza...

First picture is the pagoda at the plaza, the rest are Xmas decorations (sorry it's blurry, but it was at night).

Originally uploaded by stkyrice.

Originally uploaded by stkyrice.

Originally uploaded by stkyrice.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

I feel so butch!

This morning I went over to Pacifica to do some extra credit (i.e., yard work) for the bio class I'm taking at CCSF. My bio teacher has an agreement with the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy to help do some necessary clean-up work for the various parks all over the Bay Area, and luckily the one I had to go to, Milagra Ridge, was a short 10 minute drive.

My friend and I got there just a couple of minutes late, but late enough so that we didn't have to pull up grasses and deal with poison oak. We ended up getting to clear off South African ice plants which are planted by CalTrans to fight erosion along the beaches, like SF's Ocean Beach, but are a nuisance in other areas around the bay since they reduce biodiversity by crowding out native plants since these plants thrive in the Bay Area because our climates are similar. They were actually pretty easy to clear out, and we were treated to wonderful views of Pacifica (one of the few days where it wasn't completely foggy!) and a mini history lecture of the place.

Apparently, during World War II, the whole place was a site for nuclear missile defense. Fortunately for us, they realized that the nuclear fallout from any missiles launched from that area would be blown right back into the Bay, thanks to the ocean breezes that come onshore, and so these outposts were abandoned. Another funny fact was that in an attempt to hide these defense outposts, the government had originally tried to camouflage these outposts by planting trees. However, because the California coastline is primarily brush plants, the trees had the unintended effect of making them stand out even more from the air. As the (cute) guide told us, if you see a bunch of trees along the coast, more likely than not, they're old WW2 defense outposts. Before these outposts, the whole area was all artichoke farms, which are now solely located in the Monterey Bay.

Pictures from this morning are in my FlickR filmstrip on the side.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Thoughts about my childhood...

I've recently been poring over some old mementos that I got a couple years ago from my dad's house after my mom passed and it got me thinking about memories from grade school. I went to Catholic schools from kindergarten to 9th grade, so it was pretty traumatic. :) For some reason, it's been extremely hard for me to even think about them because I don't have a lot of very fond memories of those years, being the kid who was continually being picked on because my family was working class, because I was Filipino, because I was effeminate, etc. It was also at this time that my mom started to manifest a lot of mental health problems, particularly with paranoia, which she was never treated for. That, more than anything, really influenced my teenage years, which were basically spent trying to get away from her as much as possible.

I had spent a considerable amount of time trying to run away, both mentally and physically, away from those memories ever since I went to college. It took a couple of years of therapy when I first started graduate school at UCSF for me to finally reconcile a lot of those feelings towards my mom and be able to look at those years with some good memories. The therapy helped me renew a relationship with my mom, something that I'm grateful for since we re-established a strong connection with each other before she passed, even being ok with my husband. She was the main reason he went down to see my family, and he hasn't had a reason to see them since she passed. I don't particularly blame him, either.

Combined with the fact that my sexuality was something completely ignored and unaccepted by those closest to me growing up until I met my first boyfriend at 16, I didn't really felt like I belonged anywhere growing up, and had to make plans to find places where I would be accepted for who I was completely, which is probably why I looked to the internet to find a community of friends, many of whom I still keep in touch with 10+ years later.

What was probably one of the most painful times was the rejection of my best friend from grade school after I came out to him during my freshman year in college, even though it was pretty obvious that we were both gay. He basically didn't talk to me again after that. For some reason, I couldn't bring myself to let him know that my mom had passed, though I don't even know if he's still around (or alive, for that matter).

I also wonder about my first boyfriend who I stopped talking to my senior year--a guy who was supposedly involved with gangs, and yet was surprisingly comfortable with being with me. He talked about living together after graduation from high school, but I was way too young and too closeted to even think of that possibility at 17. I'm not sure what happened to him either, especially since although all the queer Vietnamese guys seem to know each other, his name has never come up in those circles. During my 10 year high school reunion, I was curious to see if he would show up, but he didn't, leaving me the only openly queer person at my reunion 5 years ago.

I'm also curious about my ex-best-friend, a fundamentalist Christian who screwed me over (not literally, thank God), and a whole bunch of girls by giving them hepatitis C. He was basically a misogynist pig, and I think he was closeted as well, since he couldn't really maintain relationships with women and all these gay guys seemed to gravitate towards him and he didn't mind their attention at all.

With all the drama that's happened this past year, my circle of friends has shrunk considerably, and that's something that's actually been a huge blessing in disguise. With this year coming to a close (thank God), I'm glad that what I went through growing up has given me a reserve to pull through, especially since it feels like I've been through the wringer....

Isn't this supposed to be November?

Why the hell is it 70+ degrees now, and for the whole week?!


Friday, November 11, 2005

I'd like to make a huge announcement!

My friend, Joz, ...

is not pregnant.

Isn't that wonderful news?

If she were pregnant, I'd have fainted, especially since I don't know how it could logically happen...:)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

More on George Takei's coming out...

From sfgate.com, the San Francisco Chronicle's website.

I'm not sure why this is so thrilling, especially since he has been pretty out already, especially within the Asian American and JA communities--I guess it's because he's not out.

Maybe because he is really coming out to the mainstream--who all seemed to know anyway.

I guess what I found more exciting is that he actually met his partner when he was 50--when most gay men have already thrown in the towel, so to speak.

Who knows?

Friday, November 04, 2005

What (not?) to do for a birthday cake?

And to celebrate my 100th post on this damn thing...

Considering the husband took me to the French Laundry last March for my birthday, nothing could top that...

And if I really wanted a penis for my birthday, I want a real penis, not a penis cake...


Thursday, November 03, 2005

Googling myself again (in private, of course)...

I ran into this little tidbit about me winning the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Social and Economic Justice Scholarship.

It was even featured in a link in UCSF's In the News Today.

Too bad it says I'm a doctoral student in the sociology program...

I was *sheepish grin*. :)

Looking even further down on the list--I'm featured ...

in All Asian Cuties?!

What the fuck is that shit all about?!


Got my flu shot today.


Hopefully I can work out tonight, but...


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I suck.

I got my cell phone stolen or pickpocketed yesterday, and was thrown into a conniption fit until I got the loving husband to get me a new cell phone and go on his plan with Cingular. Considering I was getting tired of the Sidekick, I guess it's a bit fortuitous, but still I would've liked to sell it and make some money off of it. Sheesh.

So I'll be getting the Nokia 6102, a clamshell, that does what I need it to do. Can't complain about it.

I'll probably get the Treo or a Pocket PC next year, but for now it'll be nice to have a phone small enough to actually fit in my pocket without it looking like I have a big brick in my pants.

Other reasons why I suck:

I'm addicted to Sudoku (Thanks Joz and Allie :P).

I think that's enough suckage for one day.