Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I suck.

I got my cell phone stolen or pickpocketed yesterday, and was thrown into a conniption fit until I got the loving husband to get me a new cell phone and go on his plan with Cingular. Considering I was getting tired of the Sidekick, I guess it's a bit fortuitous, but still I would've liked to sell it and make some money off of it. Sheesh.

So I'll be getting the Nokia 6102, a clamshell, that does what I need it to do. Can't complain about it.

I'll probably get the Treo or a Pocket PC next year, but for now it'll be nice to have a phone small enough to actually fit in my pocket without it looking like I have a big brick in my pants.

Other reasons why I suck:

I'm addicted to Sudoku (Thanks Joz and Allie :P).

I think that's enough suckage for one day.


:: jozjozjoz :: said...

Sudoku rules!

(And doh about your sidekick)

EJ Flavors said...

that sucks. but the sidekick? i think i would have cried if my sidekick were taken.

musikchyck said...

doh! that so sucks! but i'm glad you got a new phone. i just changed the ringtone on mine so now it plays the diva dance from the fifth element. i'm so excited! anyway, if you need phone numbers, lemme know, ok?

AiYahh said...

*sittin on the corner begging for money*

"hey buddy, can you spare a dime? i need to pay for my husband's new cell phone. he *sniff*sniff* got it stolen !!!

Efren said...


The cell phone was free, remember? :P