Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The six word novel...

I ran into a little clip about this in the Utne Reader, and have been really curious about it. Apparently, this was started as a contest by Hemingway and some other writer-type folk who bet that he could write an entire novel in 6 words.

Hemningway's take: "For sale: Baby shoes. Never used."

It got me thinking...if you could write a novel in six words, how would you do it?

Here's a link I saw from another blog about this.

Considering the husband tries to do a haiku at the end of his posts on his blog, I guess I can start doing the 6 word novel on mine.

Here are some of my takes:
From a gaping hole, crowded limbs.

"I'm gay," he said. "And?" "And?!!"

He pulled the trigger. "Good night."

"I thee wed." "For HOW much?!"

Cowering, gasping, she locked the door.

This is a lot harder than I expected! Any other 6 word novels would be greatly appreciated.

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:: jozjozjoz :: said...

Six word novels? Oh, spare me!