Thursday, December 22, 2005

Getting haircuts...

So I got a haircut today after realizing that trying to have my hair arranged so that you can't see my ever-growing bald spot looks silly, so asked the guy who cuts my hair (at this cheap Chinese salon on 24th/Irving) to cut it short. 15 minutes later, I feel a lot better, with my receding hairline in full view, and feeling pretty butch.

It's funny because I've never really considered growing out my hair out, except for this one time in college when it was in fashion for Asian guys to grow out the hair on top while shaving the sides and back. It looked okay, but after having to deal with that kind of hair while going to school at UC Riverside, I shaved it completely. It's probably due to my Catholic school upbringing where you couldn't have hair grow past the collar, and I've always preferred guys with short hair. Guys with long hair...well, they look a little too fem for me, especially when I see a straight couple where the guy has longer hair than the girl. Usually I mistake them as lesbians until I see the facial hair (if he has any).

I also found out that the guy who cut my hair is closing his shop down so he can start up a spa further down by the beach. I'm tempted to go if he hires cute guys to work there...otherwise I'll have to find another place to get my hair cut.

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