Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I <3 Katamari! and queer stuff in video games

Of course, now that I'm done with classes for the semester, I'm working full time.

And of course, now that I'm actually getting paid a decent amount of money, I decided to buy some video games. Most recent addiction was "We [heart] Katamari" , the sequel to Katamari Damacy, where all you do is grab a ball (otherwise known as a katamari) and roll it around in order to pick things up. As it gets bigger, you get to pick up bigger and bigger things, starting off from things like thumbtacks, pencil erasers, and the like, to bathhouses, the Eiffel Tower, a woolly mammoth.

The gameplay is pretty addicting, and your father is the King of the Cosmos who wears purple tights, which is probably the gayest thing in video games, aside from being able to have same-sex partners in Fable and Jade Empire, or the shooting game Chou Aniki, where two muscle queens shoot beams from their heads that gradually become more...erect the more you...shoot (Ok, that didn't sound very good).

Actually, it's pretty interesting to see queer stuff in video games, from the infamous massage sequence in Final Fantasy VII, to the transsexual Birdo in the Mario-oriented Nintendo games. Considering that nearly all the gay guys I knew when I was in college all played video games and all cruised each other (I mean, come on, how many other all-male outlets can you go to when you're under 21 and can't go to a bathhouse or a nightclub?), it's about time we were acknowledged. I've also heard rumors that there may be an openly gay character in Final Fantasy XII...hmmm...

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