Saturday, December 03, 2005

Tickets from the Energy 92.7 first year anniversary blast!

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The loving husband bought tickets to this show that we saw last night. Lots of different performers, Lola (No Strings Attached), DHT, Judy Torres (a freestyle singer that I remember from back in the day in Santa Clara/San Jose listening to Hot 97.7), Stonebridge (surprisingly the least impressive, since they had a relatively dull 45 minute set), Amber (who's starting to look a lot like Tita Aida), Thelma Houston (disco queen diva, looking faboo while singing "Don't Leave Me This Way,"), and Deborah Cox (trying to sound all country when bitch is from Toronto!).

Anyway, it was a good time, even though I had to deal with people's deodorant failing (especially one white guy who the husband labeled Aggro Bottom since he kept brushing his nonexistent booty up against us, and who started smelling like 420 once he started to really dance). Cool high point was watching my former hip hop teacher, Bo, and his new troupe from Gold's Gym do some cute routines. Another funny part was watching all these girls looking at me like they're interested, even when dancing with the husband, and having a guy try to hit on me by tugging at my tanktop and smiling, not saying a word). He was kinda cute, but the fact that he didn't even try to introduce him was a little offputting.

I actually like Energy a lot, especially since it's the only radio station that's truly independently owned in SF, and it's extremely gay-positive and friendly, with 4 out of the 5 radio hosts openly gay.

Here's the link to their web site.


musikchyck said...

ok, blurry! whassat?

Efren said...

Sorry! Those are tickets from a concert that the husband and I went to last night. Energy 92.7 (aka Faggotry 92.7) had a concert to celebrate their one year anniversary. Lola, DHT, Deborah Cox, Judy Torres, Amber, Stonebridge, and Thelma Houston (!) were there. Fun stuff. :)