Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Update on the husband...

So I picked him up this morning, and his face is swollen and he has thick rubber bands keeping his braces together, and he's also on a liquid diet. So now we bought all of these things to help him on this diet (at least it's only for a couple of weeks at most): a hand blender, pill crusher for his meds; along with other things to maintain his calorie intake (weight gain meal replacement shake powder, soy milk, fruit juices), and I guess we'll be going to restaurants that serve milkshakes and the like.

Trying to communicate has been ...interesting to say the least. I can't understand what he's saying so he's taken to writing, either by hand or by text message in order to let me know what's going on. Hopefully the swelling will go down quickly enough so that I can understand him again.

I can actually that his face looks different, aside from the swelling. The surgery brought his upper jaw forward (don't ask me to describe in detail) so his underbite is pretty much removed. It'll probably me even more dramatic once his swelling goes away.

I'm actually pretty exhausted myself, and he freaked me out when I was trying to catch up on my sleep earlier this afternoon. I heard a loud squeal from the boyfriend and without my glasses (and because it was somewhat dark) I thought something bad was going on. Then he came up to me, and handed me his cell phone, where I had to play go-between between him and an old high school friend that he hadn't contacted with.

He saw the look in my eyes wondering what was going on, and at least he apologized and let me go back to sleep.

Otherwise, he looks pretty good for having undergone jaw surgery. Thanks for all the notes and well-wishes, btw. :)

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