Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Yay! My exam's over! and recent food excursions

It's amazing how easy exams are if you actually take the time to study.

The exam went a lot better than I expected, so hopefully I was able to keep my A, but we'll see.

Also, one of my friends graduated from SFSU, so we took her out to Millenium Restaurant in SF for dinner. Amazing vegan (?), definitely vegetarian food, a lot better than the last time we went. As one of her friends said, it's nice to go to a swanky vegetarian restaurant instead of going to one that's all hippie and nasty. I had a masala dosa with garbanzo curry, and the husband had an amazing seared portobello mushroom with risotto and mashed potatoes. Most surprising thing was salt and pepper fried oyster mushrooms which had the same texture and taste as salt and pepper calamari.

I went to a sake store called True Sake over the weekend after having amazing Chicago-style pizza at Patxi's in Hayes Valley, where they had...sake in a box. I shit you not. Apparently, it was designed to make sake slush--put the juice-box like box in the freezer, put it in with a frozen decanter, and voila, slush. I also bought a really good bottle of sake to take to a friend's holiday party later on this week.

Great stuff.

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