Monday, January 30, 2006

Flickr stats...

Was just going through my Flickr stats since I established a photoblog there a few weeks ago (Click here if you're interested), and noticed that the second most popular pic (after my first pic of my friends posing with butter knives) was a topless pic of me I had taken about 5 years back at Folsom Street Fair. I don't think I look all that great in the pic, but I guess Folsom Street Fair, having a bare chest (and nipple piercing) intrigues people.

Not much else to write about--catching up on chores since I couldn't do anything since it was the Lunar New Year yesterday. Kung Hei Woof Woof!

It's the year of the dog, if you didn't know. :)

Monday, January 23, 2006


Jumped on this from Gura Michelle's blog onto, where you can upload pictures and determine who you most look like in terms of celebrities.

So, uploading my baldheaded picture from Honolulu a year ago, I look like:

Paul Allen (Microsoft co-founder, had no idea who he was): 59%
Leonardo DiCaprio (!!!): 55%
Emma Watson (?): 55%
Elton John (again, ?): 49%
Catherine Deneuve:: 47%
Peter Weir (some character actor): 46%
Kirk Douglas (?): 46%
Gro Harlem Brundtland (first female Norwegian prime minister, former director of the WHO): 41%
Kristen Nygaard (a Norwegian informatics professor...huh?): 41%
Winona Ryder: 40%

Strange, not the least of which is because I'm not European by any means of the imagination. Not sure if I look anything like Leo, Winona or Sir Elton.


I ran another picture from my college days (1994, it's on my flickr if you're that interested), and here are the results:

Kurt Cobain: 61% (probably because the picture is really washed out)
Ritchie Valens: 56% (well, at least he's not white!)
Yul Brynner: 45% (huh?)
John Howard (I think he was the former PM of Canada or Australia): 44%
Robert De Niro: 43% (huh?)
Ariel Sharon: 42% (huh?)
Anouk Aimee (no idea who she is): 41%
Kobe Bryant: 41% (huh?)
Zhang Ziyi: 41% (finally, someone Asian!)
Beyonce Knowles: 40% (and they didn't even look at my ass!)

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Because I actually have nothing better to do...

Yeah, yeah, you can laugh, MusicChyck :P

Four jobs you've had in your life:
-swimming pool locker room attendant (dream 1st job for us fags! :P)
-university lecturer
-medical transcriptionist
-executive director of a nonprofit
Four movies you could watch over and over:
-the sound of music
-i'm the one that i want
-the wedding banquet
-wallace and gromit: the curse of the wererabbit
Four places you've lived:
-santa clara, ca
-riverside, ca (ugh)
-santa barbara (ugh)
-san francisco
Four TV shows you love to watch:
-The Secret Life of...
-Trivia no Izumi
-America's Test Kitchen
Four places you've been on vacation:
~new york
Four websites you visit daily:

Four of your favorite foods:
~fried rice
~peasant pies
~arizmendi bakery's sticky buns
Four places you'd rather be:
~home with the husband
Four albums you can't live without:
~everything but the girl--like the deserts miss the rain
~ultimate eurythmics
~Keali'i Reichel-Kawaipunahele
Four magazines you read:
~Cook's Illustrated
-Utne Reader
Three cars you've owned:
~1995 Toyota Tacoma
~1993 Mazda MX3
-2004 Toyota Matrix
Two people to do this meme:

Friday, January 20, 2006

In the grand tradition of UCSF medical sociology...

Wow...guess I'm glad I was associated with this PhD program!

An alumna of the program I was in at UCSF was just arrested for running a brothel.

Here's the link.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Don't eat citrus fruits around balloons (or latex condoms)

Trivia no Izumi #874:

If you squeeze a citrus peel against a rubber balloon, the oils from the peel make the balloon pop.

Makes sense--limonene (an essential oil that smells like, well, lemons) reacts with the rubber, causing the balloon to pop.

Guess you shouldn't be eating citrus before you use condoms either (or use that orange oil insect repellent!).

Friday, January 13, 2006

WTF? Mid-January already?!

I finally started getting into the groove of working full-time, and school is starting up again next week.

*sigh* Classes at two different colleges (fucking o-chem, sheesh!), and now I have the joy of getting used to an entirely different schedule (work 2-3 days a week, study 2-3 days a week) and trying to pay attention to lectures that start at 7 at night.

I haven't had a class this late since I was an undergrad, and I was certainly lucky enough to avoid any late labs when I was in college.

But for some reason, I'm really looking forward to it. Considering how well I did in my bio class (a high B), it's given me confidence for the rest of the classes I have to take. I'm also planning to start volunteering with a pharmacist sometime this winter/spring.

The more I work with doctors, the more I realize how I could really become a doctor--and how much I really don't want to be one. More on that later.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

I'm a raccoon?

My daemon...and I only thought it was because I have raccoon eyes for not getting enough sleep!

The Raccoon
RACCOON - your daemon may be a raccoon. You are a
trickster. Your daemon's nimble hand-like paws
can help in the creation of pranks. You may
prefer the cover of darkness to pull off your
stunts. You may be fascinated by gadgets, and
are probably good at figuring out how things
work. Independent and fun loving, you love to
get the best of someone. You have no
pretensions about yourself. Crafty and clever,
you can adapt to any situation and find a way
to make it work in your favour.

What Is Your Daemon?
brought to you by Quizilla

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Drain clog treated with...conditioner?

Was cleaning up the shower after large amounts of conditioner and Cetaphil (used to wash my tattoo during the aftercare phase) ended up in the tub since our 4-way liquid dispenser broke over the weekend. We've also had a slow drain for the past few weeks, which we treated the last time with boiling water and baking soda (which worked amazingly well).

Afterwards, I was taking a shower when I heard a loud rumble underneath the tub. After this rumble (and a brief second when I thought something was going to grab me from the tub) which sounded too similar to someone feeling relieved after a long period of constipation, the slow drain suddenly cleared. I would've thought that the conditioner/Cetaphil combo would have clogged the drain even more, but apparently it helped move whatever that was clogging the drain out.

Yes, I have no life.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Lestat--don't bother

So I went to see Lestat with the husband earlier tonight, and I tried to go in with an open mind. After the entire musical, probably the worst thing that I can say about this is that I didn't really care about it at all. I didn't feel any emotion towards the musical in general, the characters, the music. I didn't feel anything.

For a musical (or for anything, for that matter), that's probably the worst thing you can feel. From the moment I saw the set, I thought, "This looks way too much like Devil May Cry. Lestat looks like a bad version of Dante, sans ultra-cool demeanor (and guns). Sequences to signify fear or strong emotion look like first draft FMVs from Devil May Cry. I had the impression that Lestat was supposed to be this sensual character, and he came across as this guy to afraid to show his emotions towards anyone, and more like a spoiled brat who can only get his way when he forces people into it. And even then, I didn't care enough about him, nor did the plot make me want to care. The poorly written lyrics and bombastic music reminded me of the worst of Andrew Lloyd Webber (and why I can't stand him at all). The only compelling character was Claudia, a child vampire who has the best songs, but even then she looks way too much like the girl from the Bad Seed, but not cold or calculating enough to make me want to really like her.

Overall, it was very disappointing. Anything artistic should leave some sort of impression; even if it's so horrible that you can't stop thinking about how they got away with it. Lestat, in this sense, does the unthinkable: by making something so asinine and banal that you forget it immediately after. And after writing this, that's probably what I'm going to do.

Movies and more movies!

I've seen a couple of great movies the past few days, all queer-oriented. First one was Transamerica, a movie about a MTF (played by Felicity Huffman, no less!) who meets the son she had 17 years ago. Completely shocked about how well she played a tranny, from the voice, to the mannerisms, and the makeup and over-the-top clothes. Makes me more compelled to watch Desperate Housewives (I'm probably one of the few fags out there who hasn't been sucked up into that show yet).

Finally saw Brokeback Mountain as well, and was really moved by the story and the acting. Reminded me of the relationship that I had with my first bf. While nowhere near as dramatic or tragic, it makes me think of the consequences of not taking chances on love and where your heart leads, as well as how much easier it is to be same-sex-identified now in 2005 as compared to 20-40 years ago.

Saw Hoodwinked, a movie loosely based on Little Red Riding Hood, a couple nights ago. It was all right, except for the horrible songs that were sung.

Tomorrow night, I'm watching Lestat, the musical (!).

Guess I've had a lot of culture the past few days.

Oh, non sequitur on the husband--he's feeling a lot better. His doctor removed many of the rubber bands so he can actually talk again (though I'm probably in a lot of trouble for making fun of him when he couldn't), though he's still on a liquid diet. At least he can finally use a straw, even if it is rather slow and painful.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Random shit going thru my head about Filipinos...

Pretty much began with trying to cook adobo (for all you types unfamiliar with Filipino food, a stew/braise--depending on what part of the Philippines you're from--of chicken or pork cooked with garlic, onions, soy sauce, bay leaves, peppercorns, and some kind of acid--some people use lemon, some use calamansi, others use Coca-Cola (!)), a couple days ago, during which time I realized that I wasn't cooking so much adobo like the way my mom used to do it, where there was a minimal amount of liquid and lots of hacked drumsticks and thighs, but more of a pot-au-feu, since I had thrown in everything and cooked everything on low temperatures since I didn't want to bother with looking at my pot every few minutes. It turned out great, but not like mom's.

I'd really like to learn how to cook decent Filipino food and I can make some dishes, like sinigang/dinengdeng (tamarind-based stews; favorite is with bangus/milkfish or pork), tinola (chicken stew with lots of fish sauce/patis and ginger), pancit canton and bihon (egg noodles and bean noodles, respectively), and lumpia shanghai (the all-meat type), but I want to learn some other stuff that I've tried, like ukoy (seafood fritters), and other stuff that's not from my parents' provinces. I refuse to eat stuff like pinapaitan (cooked goat offal), or kilawin (raw goat offal) or balut. Guess I'm white-washed like that.

Another thing that I've had a morbid fascination with is the ongoing saga of the two Filipino kids left in their home in the East Bay while their parents were off partying in Vegas over the New Year's. It's not a surprise they're not talking to the police, or talking to anyone for that matter. Given how fast tsismis (particularly bad stuff) spreads in the community, especially since Filipinos judge each other on how well they take care of their kids, it's no surprise that they're trying to keep to themselves, thinking that they can save face that way, even when everyone else realizes how stupid and counterproductive that is. It galls me to think that when bad things happen to the Filipino community, the people involved try to stay quiet and try to hold onto some figment of perceived dignity, instead of coming out and being open about it. Same shit happened to me when I got fired from my executive director's job--the people involved tried to keep quiet and ended up raising even more questions with their silence afterwards, even as I continued to talk.

It just shocks me since I was raised in a family where all the kids were taken care of, one way or another, either through "sleepovers" or having my greataunt babysit us while our parents worked or recovered from working, and to leave your kids for more than one night away from your sight was unthinkable. For the most part, most of the cousins that I grew up with who are the same age as me (late 20's/early 30's) who remember the sacrifices our parents put us through are putting off getting married or having kids since it was just way too much. It's a pretty big shock in my family now to see that our younger cousins who are now in their late teens and early 20s are skipping school and having kids, except for a few notable exceptions.

Looking back, I see that I was definitely an anomaly, since I've noticed that a lot of Filipino kids are left to their own devices, either because the parents have to work long hours just to make ends meet, which alienates the kids from their parents; or the typical bullshit that younger Filipino Americans have to go through while growing up (identifying with the Philippines or the United States, having to put up with bullshit about one's authenticity as a Filipino, trying to understand what being Filipino actually is when one isn't exposed to a lot of affirmatory Filipino images). I've also started to claim my identity as being Filipino American, despite the fact that I get challenged by other Filipinos because of my lack of so-called authenticity (I don't speak Tagalog or my family's native language, nor am I particularly all that interested in learning it; I'm pretty outspoken about being gay even though I don't consider myself bakla by any means). On the other hand, I know more than most Filipino Americans about our histories here in the US, the traditions and ways that have been adapted in order to survive, etc.

I think that there's an inordinate amount of pressure for Filipinos, especially if they were born here as 2nd generation, to conform to either being Filipino or American, and trying to find 2nd generation Filipino Americans who were born here or who were 1.5 generation and who are my age or older is exceedingly rare, particularly if I'm trying to find people who actively claim Filipino-ness as a cultural identity, never mind if they're queer or not. I've been pretty lucky to get hooked into a group of intelligent Filipin@s who refuse to make those set-in-stone distinctions about what being Filipino is and who respect people's decisions, and who keep each other on our toes.

Now if I can just find a good Filipino restaurant that's like Cendrillon in NYC, then I'll be set.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

(lack of) New Year's resolutions...

I think this is the first year that I've deliberately avoided New Year's resolutions. Not to say that there isn't a lot that I want to do this year (keep focused on classes and doing things to get myself ready for pharmacy school apps; run another marathon or do some long-distance swim; orient my blog towards something more thematic; do something artistic (sing again or knit or crochet); maybe try kali again; etc.), but I've always been the sort of person to do things if I really want to do them and not put any expectations on myself to get them done. They always blow up in my face if I do anyway.

That's probably why I may ask people for guidance, but I never ask them for advice; nor do I give people advice. If anything, it helps to clarify what I'm planning to do anyway.

Besides, 2006 is going to be better than 2005--even though I learned a lot from 2005, I'm ready to get shit done instead of constantly dealing with my own shit.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

More stupid trivia...

from Trivia no Izumi (and anxiously waiting for the 4 hour special to celebrate #900)


There is a district in Moscow called "Yakimanko"...

but in Japanese, that means, "hot pussy."

and it's not a red light district either!

Ok, I said it. :)

Not like I'd ever go, anyway.