Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Drain clog treated with...conditioner?

Was cleaning up the shower after large amounts of conditioner and Cetaphil (used to wash my tattoo during the aftercare phase) ended up in the tub since our 4-way liquid dispenser broke over the weekend. We've also had a slow drain for the past few weeks, which we treated the last time with boiling water and baking soda (which worked amazingly well).

Afterwards, I was taking a shower when I heard a loud rumble underneath the tub. After this rumble (and a brief second when I thought something was going to grab me from the tub) which sounded too similar to someone feeling relieved after a long period of constipation, the slow drain suddenly cleared. I would've thought that the conditioner/Cetaphil combo would have clogged the drain even more, but apparently it helped move whatever that was clogging the drain out.

Yes, I have no life.


meeta said...

coming over from Joz's site, you mean Pennywise didn't come out after you in the tub??

musikchyck said...

it's all about the lube, baby!

Efren said...

eww. I don't think it's lube as much as it is a laxative.