Sunday, January 08, 2006

Movies and more movies!

I've seen a couple of great movies the past few days, all queer-oriented. First one was Transamerica, a movie about a MTF (played by Felicity Huffman, no less!) who meets the son she had 17 years ago. Completely shocked about how well she played a tranny, from the voice, to the mannerisms, and the makeup and over-the-top clothes. Makes me more compelled to watch Desperate Housewives (I'm probably one of the few fags out there who hasn't been sucked up into that show yet).

Finally saw Brokeback Mountain as well, and was really moved by the story and the acting. Reminded me of the relationship that I had with my first bf. While nowhere near as dramatic or tragic, it makes me think of the consequences of not taking chances on love and where your heart leads, as well as how much easier it is to be same-sex-identified now in 2005 as compared to 20-40 years ago.

Saw Hoodwinked, a movie loosely based on Little Red Riding Hood, a couple nights ago. It was all right, except for the horrible songs that were sung.

Tomorrow night, I'm watching Lestat, the musical (!).

Guess I've had a lot of culture the past few days.

Oh, non sequitur on the husband--he's feeling a lot better. His doctor removed many of the rubber bands so he can actually talk again (though I'm probably in a lot of trouble for making fun of him when he couldn't), though he's still on a liquid diet. At least he can finally use a straw, even if it is rather slow and painful.

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