Monday, January 23, 2006


Jumped on this from Gura Michelle's blog onto, where you can upload pictures and determine who you most look like in terms of celebrities.

So, uploading my baldheaded picture from Honolulu a year ago, I look like:

Paul Allen (Microsoft co-founder, had no idea who he was): 59%
Leonardo DiCaprio (!!!): 55%
Emma Watson (?): 55%
Elton John (again, ?): 49%
Catherine Deneuve:: 47%
Peter Weir (some character actor): 46%
Kirk Douglas (?): 46%
Gro Harlem Brundtland (first female Norwegian prime minister, former director of the WHO): 41%
Kristen Nygaard (a Norwegian informatics professor...huh?): 41%
Winona Ryder: 40%

Strange, not the least of which is because I'm not European by any means of the imagination. Not sure if I look anything like Leo, Winona or Sir Elton.


I ran another picture from my college days (1994, it's on my flickr if you're that interested), and here are the results:

Kurt Cobain: 61% (probably because the picture is really washed out)
Ritchie Valens: 56% (well, at least he's not white!)
Yul Brynner: 45% (huh?)
John Howard (I think he was the former PM of Canada or Australia): 44%
Robert De Niro: 43% (huh?)
Ariel Sharon: 42% (huh?)
Anouk Aimee (no idea who she is): 41%
Kobe Bryant: 41% (huh?)
Zhang Ziyi: 41% (finally, someone Asian!)
Beyonce Knowles: 40% (and they didn't even look at my ass!)

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joe said...

maybe you're just an international man of mystery? :)