Monday, February 27, 2006

Crazy weather...

Isn't this SF, not Kansas?

While driving to pick up a package at the FedEx in South City, the lane markers for this road that's being worked on were blown all over the place, and I had no idea where to drive (thankfully, no one was on the road and I ended up in the correct lane). Branches were all over Bayshore, and I apparently ran over a pretty big eucalyptus branch (I smelled eucalyptus afterwards).

Driving back, I had to make two different U-turns since a huge tree branch had fallen on top of a car, and then again when a power line had fallen onto the road.

It's not even raining that hard, but the winds are just making it difficult to get around. I haven't seen it this windy since I was in LA and dealt with the Santa Anas on a regular basis...geez!

I would've taken pictures but was too awestruck to really take them and because my cameraphone doesn't have a flash.

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AiYahh said...

Power was out last night in the Hunter's Point area. The downed power lines would explain why (my guess to Scott BTW).