Saturday, February 25, 2006

Lots of more random shit going through my head...

About my birthday in a week and a half;
about celebrating the 9th year (!!!) of being with the husband;
about enjoying life and where I am right now;
about seeing a direction in my life that I haven't really seen before;
about becoming more attractive to guys as I get older (?!);
about being carded more the past few months than I have the past few years (!);
about how I've become the person I hated 10-15 years ago, and actually loving it;
about the importance of words, friends, and emotions in my life;
about the creation of families;
about the fluidity of friendships;
about balancing the social theoryhead and the hard science geek;
about my brain and my body feeling more alive than i've felt in ages;
about having the courage to be one's self, to one's self;
about being really happy.

(How's that for some lame attempt at a prose piece? Take that!)

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:: jozjozjoz :: said...

about how awesome it is that joz and yoshi won $256 million in the lottery...