Thursday, February 16, 2006

More random thoughts...

--Valentine's day was the second wedding anniversary for me and the husband, which we celebrated by me hobbling about and gorging ourselves at Sauce, this fabulous American comfort food restaurant in Hayes Valley (ish). Fabulous prix fixe meal, which was served by our friend, Matty, who is also head waiter (not sure what the exact title is) and teacher of the Body Pump classes I've been taking for the past couple years. He comp'd a couple of amazing desserts when there was still some chocolate fondue that came with the prix fixe left. Pics of the food were taken by the husband and should be on my Flickr photostream.

--Surprised that it'll be 9 years for me and the husband come April.

--Turning 32 in a couple of weeks and not really that perturbed by it.

--Turned out the pain in my right foot I got over the weekend was a severe strain of the great toe (which I still have no idea about how it happened) and have been taking ibuprofen for it. Not sure if it really works, but the doctor says to take it anyway unless it's something else, like gout (shudder).

--My classes this semester are a LOT easier than I expected (yippee!). I'm actually enjoying o-chem. Shoot me now.

--Am trying to decide about my job situation and whether staying at one of my jobs is worth the annoyances I've been getting from them the past couple months, especially since I'm gaining such a good reputation from my other job that I've been asked to work in other hospitals in their system and that these hospitals are bending over backwards for me to fulfill my demands.

--I'm feeling good right now. Not sure why. Maybe it's the 50 g of fiber I had with the oatmeal and flaxseed I had for breakfast this morning.

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AiYahh said...

(looks up as he's putting Metamucil powder into Efren's oatmeal)