Monday, February 27, 2006

More things going through my head...

--Horrified about all the political crap going down in southeast Asia--Thailand's PM dissolving its parliament for snap elections; the president of the Philippines declaring a national state of emergency and banning opposition protests. And GMA is supposed to be a staunch ally of Bush? *shudder*

--Been studying for my o-chem midterm on Wednesday and all I've been thinking about is molecules, molecules and more molecules.

--Also was talking to people I'm taking the class with and realized that if things go the way they have been, I have a pretty good chance of getting back into UCSF (yay).

--Been trying to get back into swimming and all that since I'm realizing I'm out of shape. Blah.

Oh well, back to running errands (and trying to win the Mega Millions lottery tomorrow!)

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:: jozjozjoz :: said...

Sorry to have to tell you this, but WE will be winning the $256 million tomorrow...