Friday, March 24, 2006

More random shit to blog about...

o Saw Chinese Restaurants: Latin Passions, a series about a Chinese Canadian guy who uncovers the stories behind the Chinese who run Chinese restaurants all over the world. It was all right, considering that I've gotten used to this guy's style of filmmaking, but the storytelling isn't as good as the first couple episodes I saw about 2-3 years ago. Saw the movie with my friend, Indigo, whose most recent 15 minutes of fame was traveling all over the country--looking for Chinese restaurants. Also ran into some good friends who I haven't seen in a long time and who look about as happy as ever and they're celebrating their 5th anniversary. Made me feel really happy.

o I've been mentally exhausted the past week because of all the movies I saw last week. Too bad it took me till now to figure out why.

o Was talking with Indigo about how fags seem to be about 10-15 years behind lesbians in terms of community organizing, especially since there are groups out there that are trying to do what the dykes tried years ago and failed. I'm trying to keep my fingers crossed that it might work for us fags, but not really optimistic, though I'm taking part in trying to promote the group now. You can read about this group here.

o Realized that I'm more crotchety than I care to admit because of said conversation.

o Another part of our conversation was about ambition and how that seems to change--and realized for me, the past 10 years was about figuring out my own way, and realizing that what's working for me is something that I already knew back then, but gave it the old college try to see what would happen. Noticed that my ambition is now more healthy and more realistic--instead of trying to appease a so-called community, I'm just making myself happy--and everyone else seems happy around me because of it.

o Realizing that I have to put up with my dad's "I told you so" for the rest of my life because of this. Oh well.

o Realizing that I've reached a new level of geekiness when I scored a curved A+ on my bio midterm (that makes 2 in a row)...and I was unhappy because I could've done better. Also surprised that with all the rain we've been having it's been helping me remember all my damn chemistry for my chem class. Sheesh!

o Germinating seeds and having to buy ladybugs for my bio class to conduct "experiments." At least ladybugs are cheap and healthier for the house than buying crickets and annoying the hell out of everyone.

o Falling in love with living in San Francisco again. Don't know why.

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