Saturday, April 08, 2006

Is this a sign that I have hot friends?

So I was checking out some porn a few days ago when I ran across a movie from Kristen Bjorn called Bone Island (yeah, yeah, the pun is really obvious here). Over the past few years, he's been incorporating some Asian actors in his movies, which has been pretty cool, considering that there seems to be more Asian men who are willing to be in gay porn, and also since Kristen Bjorn seems to be one of the better porn directors out there, it's nice to see he's finally catching up on the times.

Anyway, as I was watching a scene where there are two Asian bottoms, one of them ended up being a guy I knew years ago while chatting on IRC and who I had lost touch with about 4-5 years ago. It was a pretty nice surprise, since I've always found him pretty hot, and considering he was also a self-admitted big bottom, he played his part relatively well.

Actually, this wasn't the first time that I've seen one of my Asian friends unexpectedly in porn. Once in a while through the porn spam that I get (and when I read it when I get really bored), I frequently run into pictures of friends who've done photo shoots, and they just laugh and shrug it off. Since a lot of them were guys that I played with in the past, it's a big ego boost to me as well. :)

I guess that's been one of the things that's been playing around in my mind, how gay Asian men in mainstream American/European porn is beginning to progress. There are still the really irritating racist portrayals that abound and were first critiqued by Richard Fung, who was himself critiqued by Nguyen Hoang Tan (a guy who directed a couple of non-porn films that my husband's been in), but I've begun to see a change in that, where the ethnicity isn't being portrayed as exotic as it used to be, especially with people like Chi Chi La Rue's films of Brandon Lee, Van Darkholme, and Kristen Bjorn. While to most people, it's not that big of a deal, it's actually pretty astonishing from an Asian American studies/sociological perspective to see these men merely as horny men with big dicks, and not as horny Asian men with big dicks (sans cultural signifiers like oriental chic, fucked-up racist porn star names, etc.), and that these men are as satisfyingly cardboard as the rest of the actors.

In that sense, it seems that gay porn is lightyears ahead of straight porn, where it's still exceedingly rare to see any Asian men at all. I've been so conditioned to be irritated by portrayals of Asian men in porn that it's still a welcome shock to see these men portrayed like everyone else--and in fact, it seems that it's probably one of the few areas where one can actually begin to see Asian men more prominently and non-stereotypically.

Plus it's nice to get off on watching Asian men in gay mainstream porn without having to suspend my brain.

(Wow, a somewhat sociological entry...about porn...AND at 1 in the morning!)

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