Friday, April 28, 2006

It's funny what can happen in 9 years...

So the husband and I celebrated our 9th anniversary together last Monday. Thinking about this past year and how so many things have happened to him, to me, to us, and how we're still together, it amazes me.

I'd like to say that our relationship has seemed to be one of inertia, where we keep on keepin' on in terms of our relationship, but inertia's one of those things that are more or less the sum of everything that's happened: good things cancel out the bad things that've happened, the cuddling and laughing with the arguments and tears, etc. And somehow, we still end up together, still loving each other, still wondering how the hell we managed to stay together for so long because of and in spite of everything that's happened to him, to me, to us.

I think the past year we've learned more about each other and ourselves than we have in a while, and I've been shaken in terms of my complacency of being with the husband. And we keep discovering that we love each other. And we find out new things about each other. And we still drive each other crazy. And we still laugh over the stupidest things.

The husband's helped me discover more about myself than I've ever wanted to; some intentionally, some unintentionally. I've helped him find out things about himself as well; things that he likes, things that he can't stand. I guess that's the great (and frustrating) things about being in a relationship; they're much more about yourself than the person you're with--and he's helped me to love myself and to appreciate myself and he's stood by me through everything that's happened.

Happy 9th anniversary, Howie. I love you.


EJ Flavors said...

happy belated anniversary!!!

:: jozjozjoz :: said...

That's such a sweet post!

Don't forget guys... it's OUR (you two + me) anniversary, too!