Thursday, May 25, 2006

Adventures in medical transcription...

So I haven't really talked about the job I'm doing to pay my bills and rent, medical transcription. For the most part, it's a fairly mindless job, if you have the ear for listening to polysyllabic words 8 hours a day and if you're into learning more about the human body and its anatomy (which is probably going to be a big plus for me once I start taking human physiology next semester and anatomy in the spring).

And most of the time, while some of the stuff is pretty run of the mill, like broken bones, heart attacks, etc., I have had to transcribe some pretty interesting stuff (for obvious reasons relating to HIPAA and all that, I won't be naming names). Interesting as in stomach-churning if you're not into it. Like complications from stomach-shrinking surgery for the morbidly obese. Or draining enough bodily fluids from various body parts to fill 2 liter bottles, and then some. Or doing a colonoscopy to relieve a severe gas problem (yes, it was that bad).

Some things are just downright bizarre, like the doctor who was stupid enough to let her patient try to do his own skin biopsy with a scalpel. Or the guy who wanted to make his balls look bigger, so he injected silicone into his scrotum. Needless to say, the silicone is leaking all throughout his nether regions, and now he has no balls, much less bigger ones. Or the female doctor who consistently yawns every time she has to dictate an ultrasound of the scrotum (at least she didn't do the one of the guy who injected silicone into his balls, but the guy who did have to dictate sounded like he was trying not to gross himself out during the dictation). The funniest part are the names that people use to identify themselves, and for some reason, many of these people use names that often sound like genitalia or sex acts (Too bad HIPAA won't allow me to divulge these names).

Some medical transcriptionists get so into this that many of them end up being doctors themselves.

After doing this for 7 years, I'd rather be a pharmacist, thankyouverymuch.

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:: jozjozjoz :: said...

I don't even want to HEAR about your job. Much less DO your job.