Monday, May 01, 2006

If people were really serious about immigration...

I usually try not to be too political in this blog, but I've been so fed up over how fucking racist, sexist, classist, homophobic etc. this whole immigration debate is that I needed to vent somehow.

So if the government were really serious about immigration...

o they'd close the border not with Mexico, but with Canada. The largest group of undocumented immigrants is not from south of the border, it's from the north. Because the Canadian border is also much more porous than Mexico, many undocumented immigrants are coming in through Canada into the US (though Canada is much more willing to accept immigrants anyway).

o Realize that most undocumented immigrants come from Europe, not South and Central America. More racist shit.

o the government would entice American citizens to work the jobs that the undocumented do now. If they subsidized all the menial jobs in agriculture, services, etc., that no American citizen in their right mind would take because of the low wages, we'd see more white faces out there.

o the government would find a way to keep jobs from being outsourced.

o improve education in the United States and provide opportunities for Americans to hone their skills so they can compete in high tech, biotech, etc.

o find ways to improve the financial situation in the Third World most affected by immigration--stop internal corruption, provide financial and other forms of capital to establish businesses, build top notch universities and create jobs to entice the most highly educated in these countries to stay.

o fix the fucking visa system to allow same-sex partners to stay together, to fix the arbitrary racist policies that happened because of 9/11...

Etc., Etc.

Here in SF, I've noticed that while most of the Latinos have stayed home because of the Day without Immigrants, most of the Asians haven't.

So if immigration activists were really serious about immigration reform...

o They'd engage all groups in this struggle--it pisses me off to no end that many of these groups don't acknowledge the impact of Asian immigration in the US--which would have even farther reaching implications since so many Asians who enter into the US also take both blue collar, but also white collar work. Include Phillip Veracruz in the same breath as Cesar Chavez at least!

o Engage the LGBT community--there are many transnational same-sex couples who must split up every day because they're not given the same protections as het couples do.

o Get those who do have amnesty to become citizens to vote. People of color are potentially the largest voting bloc in the main cities in SF and LA (Asians in SF and Latinos in LA), and fund budding politicans of color so that we can get some influence.

etc., etc.

That's what I get for being versed in ethnic studies and sociology--I'm too cynical to believe that the boycotts will really change anything, but that both the government and immigration reform won't do really enough to fix the immigration problem.


Rona Fernandez said...

Thanks Efren for posting your response on my blog. I did read your blog but yours was one of the few that I found, and my main complaint with APIs is that there were so few at the big protests--even the so-called progressive APIs like you and me who have these criticisms of the debate being 'too latino'. in California the reality is that most immigrants overall are Latino b/c of our proximity to the Mexican border/Latin America, but I guess I thought that more progressive APIs would take this on as an issue. Perhaps folks were there, but that there were so many Latinos that they got drowned out. Which is fine by me!

I'm going to post a longer pseudo-response to your blog post on my blog soon.

Love to you and Howard,

Jolinar of Malkshor said...

I am not sure where you get your numbers, maybe you make them up but the VAST majority of undocumented aliens come from the souther border. Last year alone US border patrol arrested 725,000 illegal aliens trying to enter the US from mexico. That does not include the over 200,000 that made it into the United States. By comparison, undocumented entries from Canada make up only a fraction of undocumented entries into the United States.

If you dont believe me you can read the FACTS yourself on the Customs Border Protection Website.

I have never read you blog before so I am not sure if it is your style to spread mis-information or if this was a lapse of judgment on your part?

Oh and just so you know almost half of the illegal aliens in the United States (2.1 million) where origanlly authorized to enter but did not leave.