Wednesday, June 28, 2006

and I wonder why I don't go on myspace...

So I spent some time on myspace because a friend of mine said that a mutual friend of ours (well, I made out with this mutual friend back when I was 19 and he was 17 *sheepish grin*) was on it.

And I found out that said mutual friend is now a paraplegic after suffering a major car crash.
And that he's apparently Christian.

Not sure if he's ex-gay, but that would probably put the icing on the cake.

So after digesting that, I get an e-mail from a guy from myspace...

Who was my best friend in elementary school & junior high.
And who totally freaked out after I came out to him my freshman year in college (despite the fact that he was even a bigger flamer than I was).

And it looks like he still hasn't come out yet.

So we'll see what happens if he's really interested in being friends again. Considering he was totally needy when we were friends in school, I wonder how much he's really changed.

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