Saturday, June 17, 2006

Last post of the night--Asian wins Mr. CSW Leather

Ok, I lied--THIS is the last post--while I don't
necessarily identify as a leatherman (though I have
done some kinky sex before...even the serious
leathermen were shocked :), it's always a welcome
shock to see more Asian men win these leather events,
particularly since it seems that the LGBTQ leather
scene seems to be a lot more welcoming of Asians
(maybe because of the kinky Japanese stuff that's seen
a lot, but who knows?).

I remember meeting this guy years ago and I had NO
idea that he was kinky, so it's very cool to see him

Here's the press release from a good friend, George
Wong, a well-known leatherman from LA.

> P R E S S R E L E A S E
> DATE: June 17, 2006
> SUBJECT: Mr. CSW Leather 2007
> CONTACT: Gio Micu, _MrBulletLeather@yahoo.com_
> (
> Tom Wang Wins Mr. CSW Leather 2007
> CSW (Christopher Street West) produced Los Angeles
> Pride 2006 festivities
> the weekend of June 9-11 in West Hollywood, CA. CSW
> launched its inaugural Mr.
> CSW Leather contest on Saturday, June 10, at Erotic
> City within the LA Pride
> festival grounds. Gio Micu (Mr. Bullet Leather
> 2005) produced the contest
> under the direction of Raymond Rector and Steve
> Ganzell.
> The distinguished panel of judges included Joanne
> Granai, Director of
> Awareness Entertainment, Ruben Hernandez, Faultline
> Mr. Leather 2005, Lou Romano,
> Mr. Oil Can Harry's Leather 2005, and David Stern,
> publisher of IN Magazine.
> George Wong of Avatar Club served as Chief Judge.
> Contestants were judged on
> interview, cruise/bar wear, physique, formal
> leather and an extra challenge.
> The Hardware Store Challenge consisted of
> contestants going to the local
> hardware store to purchase $20 worth of materials
> to build a BDSM toy of their
> choice. Contestants described and demonstrated
> their creative workmanship on
> stage.
> Bob Johnson, Mr. LA Leather 2006, handled the emcee
> duties with fun and
> laughter. Bob was very accommodating to audience
> requests to show more skin
> throughout the event. Rob Henning, Gauntlet II Mr.
> Leather 2004, served as
> Contestant Coordinator to keep the contestants on
> schedule and relaxed as much as
> possible. Tim Stake, Mr. Oil Can Harry's 2006, had
> his laptop on hand to
> tally up the final results. Bob announced Tom Wang
> to be the first Mr. CSW
> Leather and Phillip Morton as the 1st Runner-up.
> Tom will go on to compete at
> Mr. LA Leather 2007 next March.
> Tom Wang is a young 33 and of Chinese descent. He
> is in a loving
> relationship with David Means and resides in
> Pasadena. Tom's other passion is creating
> large art murals on streets and sidewalks using
> chalk. Tom's
> responsibilities during his title year will focus
> on helping bridge the general LGBT and
> leather communities together within the LA area.
> The winner and contestants were awarded gift prizes
> from Rough Trade, IN
> Magazine, Leatherbyrd, Macleo Leather, Mr. S
> Leather, Oil Can Harry's and Eagle
> Bar who were vendors and participants at Erotic City
> during LA Pride weekend.
> Erotic City provided a safe place for the leather
> & kink curious to explore
> and learn more about the leather culture. An
> educational tent seated 250+
> people for fetish presentations and panel
> discussions. Maximus and Eagle LA
> hosted a Cigar Lounge for cigar and pipe
> aficionados to relax in. Erotic City
> was the place to be at during LA Pride. Come join
> us next year,
> _www.LAPride.org_ ( .

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