Saturday, June 17, 2006

More random shit...

o So I started my pharmacy school application today--and I just found out that someone who has a flickr account for UCSF School of Pharmacy added me as a contact. I guess it's a fairly good sign (from somewhere). :)

o I've been watching some movies from Frameline, SF's LGBTQ film festival, and of course, I'm seeing most of the Asian ones--I saw The Masseur (from the Philippines) on Thursday, and just saw Innocent (Canadian movie about a gay teenager from HK adjusting to living in Toronto) tonight. Both movies weren't bad--but they weren't great, either.

o It's been really nice today in SF (meaning it was over 70)--and of course, I hung out in the Castro and saw all the shirtless muscle boys and everyone else in tanks and tees and shorts.

o And I got my first sunburn of the year. Blah.

o Went to an opening party for the husband's friend's new restaurant, Juni, on Sutter between Van Ness and Polk in SF. Interesting stuff that makes Asian fusion seen more interesting, and was surprisingly not as pretentious as I thought it would be. And it helped that the guys I were hanging out were cute (even though they were potato queens, which is probably a good thing anyway). Was caught off guard since one of his friends was asking how I knew the husband (who knows his bf too), and was taken by surprise since I didn't know how to answer because it sounded like he didn't know that the husband and I were together--so I just said, "We're just really close friends!" I doubt he bought it.

o Had a couple of mini-epiphanies today while driving home after dropping off the husband at his bf's place. Was noticing that my arms and legs are decent but the rest of my body isn't in shape at all (Also didn't help that I was trying to swim yesterday and felt like a whale). Came to this realization that while I'm hoping people won't notice my face and torso and just see my legs and arms, that it's the first thing many people notice (duh)--and saw how that plays into other parts of my life--hoping that people will just see the outside parts and not notice all the other shit I'm going through, but it becomes fairly evident through my actions anyway.

o Related to this--I started listening to what my body wants to eat, instead of indulging in all these things that I want (which is usually laden with fat, meat, and sugar), and have noticed with a shock that I've been eating a lot more veggies and fish and chicken and almost no red meat at all. I don't think I'm losing my taste for it as I'm realizing how I don't need it as much.

o Other mini-epiphany--after watching Innocent, which goes through the whole tired discussion of being queer and Asian in North America (at least the main character has interests in all types of guys), I had this small period of mini-angst (of maybe about 2 minutes) where I was wondering, "Where do I fit in? Where's my home?", blah blah blah, when the husband said, "I know it's a tired cliche, but home is where the heart is." That brought me back down to earth and made me realize that home is where I want it to be, not projected on someone or something, but where I am.

o Going to see my dad tomorrow to wish him a happy birthday/Father's Day--taking him out to another bad Asian buffet somewhere in the South Bay (his choice of course).

o Got a Nintendo DS Lite, and am hooked on the New Super Mario Bros., and Mr. Driller. I just need to get Dig Dug and I'm a happy boy. :)

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