Thursday, June 01, 2006

Recent goings-on...

o Still coughing and hacking up stuff from this nasty flu bug I got last week. Yuck.

o Went to an "Asian American Music Night" at and listened to this Korean folk singer who was unintelligible in both Korean and English, then listened to a good punk Chinese American band which had great guitarists, but then my ears were ringing so I had to leave (considering I'm a transcriptionist--that's not a good thing). The cool thing about it was seeing that the lead singer's parents and family were there to support him and they were really happy to see him play. It was actually pretty stunning to see that happen since it's stereotypical to see 1st generation Asian American parents not being supportive of their kids who want to do pop or rock music.

Considering that used to be the Transmission Theater, home of the old Jaded (sigh), it brought back good memories and the shock that it was a lot smaller than what I iamgined.

o Had gone to Good Vibrations with the husband earlier and noticed all the interesting vibrators that were there, like a vibrator that looked like a mole, and one that looked like a flower with a ladybug on/off switch (discreet until you turn it on I guess). Also pleasantly surprised to see a friend of mine published in Best Black Gay Erotica.

o Totally enamored by Beard Papa cream puffs. Considering I want to start swimming seriously again and whatnot, this is not good. :P


:: jozjozjoz :: said...

I still think Beard Papa's is overrated.

Efren said...


Actually, the vanilla cream puffs are incredible--I really want to know how they make the crust, since my cream puffs always come out soggy.

I wanna see if my friends and I can try to make a similar type of cream puff, with milk tea filling...hehe!