Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More random thoughts....

o Can't believe that I swam 2600 yards tonight in an hour. And I worked a total of 12 hours today.

o I also can't believe that I've gotten used to swimming this well so soon after taking a year off from swimming. I'm definitely going to have give Tsunamianother shot.

o Got a compliment from the swim coach who couldn't believe I was 32, and thought that I was his age (24!). And I found out he's going to pharm school at UCSD, though he wanted to go to UCSF.

o Was thinking about swimming and wondering why my mom was so against swimming because of her own racial issues about "being dark", and why she always got upset when I called her out on it, and thinking how I could've actually been a pretty good swimmer as a kid if it wasn't for her issues.

o The husband had surgery yesterday to remove the plates from his initial jaw surgery back in December and he's recovering really well. He's able to kiss me normally (though he still looks like a chipmunk since his face is still swollen).

o Excited and freaked about the pharmacy school app. I really hope I get accepted somewhere (hopefully UCSF).

Ok, I'm exhausted...I'm off to bed!

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