Saturday, September 02, 2006

Interesting article about bears...

Here's an interesting article from about the bear subculture--of course it's about white men (of course.).

I've always been ambivalent about identifying with this community, especially after I wrote an article for the now-defunct Noodle Magazine about Asian bears (I had the dubious distinction of being the only writer featured in the first and last issue of the mag). What struck me about the community was all the various distinctions that were made within the community--from how much body hair one has, to the amount of muscle/fat one has, age, etc., and how everything was so neatly compartmentalized. On the one hand, it makes things neat and tidy, but then it also seems extremely constricting, hence my ambivalence.

There also seems to be a distinct difference in the way the communities are set up here in the US, and the Asian-centered ones (like in Japan, though I've met--and done--numerous chasers from all over Asia, as well as Asian American and Asian Canadian chasers), where the ones in Asia don't have these hard and fast distinctions--and it always shocks me that guys from Asia seem to not have the problems with body size and being with other Asian men who are bigger as opposed to guys who came out here in the US, especially guys who seem to be the Asian version of Castro clones don't have these issues and are just willing to fool around with bigger men as with men who are similar to them. I'm sure it also has to do with how being fat signifies a certain sense of class privilege and signifies one being rich because one can afford to eat and get fat (at least in poorer countries like the Philippines).

It is exciting to see that there are more Asian guys here in the US who are being more open about being into G-Men (muscular bear/chub-type Asians). At least it gives me more opportunities. *grin*

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