Monday, September 25, 2006

Random thoughts (again)

o Damn, I'm tired.

o More from being too addicted to my newest game for my Nintendo DS Lite (Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime) than actual work, mind you (though that plays a big part).

o Been hanging out with old friends from Hawai'i and Vancouver who came here for Folsom Street Fair. I couldn't actually go myself (nor was I really into it--if I wanted to see old white men in ill-fitting jocks, I'll go to the gym) b/c of school.

o My friend from Hawai'i made an interesting point on what attracts people to SF--and how people try to stand out in this town. "Most people in SF come here because they stood out in the crowd--but when they come here, they realize they don't stand out anymore."

It got me thinking and realize how true that is, but then again, considering what I've done the past few years...I don't really want to stick out anymore.

o Same friend also challenged me to try the Rough Water Swim in Waikiki next year. Guess I really have to be serious about swimming now.

o Realized that swimming is one of the few things keeping me sane--I realized that I was pulling another jozjozjoz again, working 40+ hours a week, taking 2 classes, volunteering, and swimming. No wonder I'm exhausted!

o Got hit on by Mr. CSW Leather 2006 while having dim sum with some Asian leatherfolk on Saturday...he's cute! ;) And did I mention how fucking hard it is to find decent Asian leather tops?!


joz joz said...

Hey! You're out jozjozjoz-ing me now! I'm only taking one class! :P

:: jozjozjoz :: said...

Stupid blogger.

:: jozjozjoz :: said...

Hey! You're out jozjozjoz-ing me now! I'm only taking one class! :P

Bernie said...

You know, what attracts people to SF is also what attracts people (like me) to NYC, and I now realize that's why I'm not entirely satisfied here. I used to be special where I used to live. Now I'm just one in 8 million.