Friday, November 03, 2006

Interesting things I'm learning in classes...

So I've been taking a class on human physiology at CCSF and I've been learning quite a bit about how the body works, and learning about various diseases. It's actually pretty interesting (given that it's an 8 AM class and I'm invariably late, it says a lot), though the past few classes I've been thrown for a loop because I've been learning about how exactly my mom passed away (complications of bypass surgery along with having diabetes and a stroke).

It's weird because that was one of the few things that I had really been upset about when my mom passed. When she died, my family decided not to do an autopsy. After learning about how the body begins to die because of acute cardiac failure, I suddenly learned why. It was both a relief and a shock--that her death was relatively banal and, for lack of a better word, textbook.

I'm not sure how exactly this will fit in my memories of my mom, since I'm still having to study this for at least another month when I have my final, but learning this takes a load off my mind.

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