Sunday, November 19, 2006

Making a (cala)mansicello....

So I went to go see my dad earlier today and saw that the calamansi (a popular Filipino citrus fruit that tastes like orange, lemon and lime) tree that I bought for him 10 years ago as a Xmas/anniversary present was bearing fruit again. I picked about a pound of the fruit (all the stuff that I can get without falling off the ladder anyway) and tried to figure out what to do with it--bake Christmas presents with it? juice it? make sorbet?

I called a chef friend of mine who suggested I tried making a variation of limoncello with it (easy enough--get some Everclear, then macerate the peels in it for 10-40 days, add some sugar syrup, then let it sit again for a few more days). Oops, just found out I can't get Everclear in California...guess I'll just have to get some cheap vodka.

I take it I'll be very popular once this gets finished, at least with the Filipinos.

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