Sunday, January 21, 2007

I'm alive! (kinda)

More random shit from the past couple weeks...

o Scored an A in my Physio class last semester and an A (I'm sure) in my Speech class. Three more classes to go (Anatomy now at Canada College, a 4 week crash course in 2nd semester organic chem at New College, and microbiology).

o I have really incredible friends that I can count on for love and friendship--or just use random substances with (like brownies, people!). Y'all know who you are.

o I find different ways to fall in love with my husband. I was dancing with him at my girlfriend Rona's 35th birthday party last Saturday. It was some incredible merengue mixed by Rona's partner, Henry, and we were just dancing for the sheer joy of dancing, and when I looked into Howard's eyes, he looked really happy. It's amazing that even almost 10 years of being together, we still know each other's rhythm, and that he can look at me and still make my heart melt.

o Swimming makes me really happy. Well, after doing 4000 yards twice a week maybe it's just delirium kicking in.

o Getting really excited about applying for pharmacy school, and thinking about where I could end up--here in SF, Hawai'i, or San Diego.

o Also thinking about how to commemorate that it's been 4 years since my mom's passing, and thinking how much life has really changed for me since then. Saturn keeps throwing itself at me. (grrr) That'll be another post in a week or so.

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