Monday, February 19, 2007

An eating tour of SoCal in 2 days. Ow.

So the husband and I went to LA to visit friends and to get away from his family for the weekend and we spent the bulk of it driving around, and the rest of it eating.

And eating.
And eating.

The madness began on Friday afternoon driving down the 101 just past SLO (I prefer driving the 101 to the 5 to go from SF to LA b/c it's more scenic and there are enough turns every so often to keep you awake), when the husband says, "I want a cookie! COOKIE....COOKIE...."

So I hightail it over to Solvang to go to the first Danish bakery we see, and the husband grabs a chocolate cream tart, a rum ball and an apple pie square. He also ooh's and aah's over the ostrich farm a couple miles away on the 246 to get back onto the 101, where he begs me to stop so he can buy an ostrich egg. I politely decline and drive even faster to get back on the freeway.

After having dinner and drinks with a friend in WeHo Friday night, Saturday is when the gorgefest begins...

o Starting with dim sum at Ocean Star in Monterey Park;

o Ice cream mochi at Mikawaya in Little Tokyo in Downtown LA (the husband bought 2 mango, 2 green tea and 2 Kona coffee)

o After checking out Japanese video games in the LA Westside in Little Little Tokyo (Sawtelle and Olympic), the husband decides to try Pinkberrry Yogurt, an incredibly addictive frozen yogurt place, where he gets plain frozen yogurt with blueberries, almonds and cut up Korean mochi. Fucking incredible.

o Later on, we hang out with MusicChyck and her GirlFriend, where I treat them to Mexican food, and then they treat us to Scoops, the best gelato place that I've ever been to (Sorry, Naia). Run by a Korean American guy who's probably the most gelato-obsessed person I've ever met, he comes up with flavors that change on a daily basis, all of them outstanding. I have 2 scoops, a Pabst/avocado that has to be eaten to be believed (like a boozy tart green apple gelato is the best way to describe it), and a lemon/fennel/juniper berry concoction that made me want to kiss the gelato maker on the mouth and give him a little tongue. The husband has raspberry tiramisu and a lychee/mango sorbet that's just as incredible. Also met MC's friends Eric and JD, a too-cute-for-words awesome, progressive GWM couple who helped out the guy running Scoops when the lines were too long.

o After going out again to WeHo, the friend whose apartment we're staying in takes us to Sanamluang, the place to go for Asian fags and dykes after a long night of clubbing, and a place where I have many fond memories (the husband and I had our first meal together there). Best Thai food in LA after 2 AM (I've tried going there during the day, and it just didn't work--maybe it's just the energy of all the baby fags and dykes all around me that make the restaurant better), hands down.

After a restless night's sleep because of my gluttony, the madness began again this morning.

o After saying hi to Joz briefly, we went to Pinkberry AGAIN over in Larchmont. The husband gets plain yogurt with mango, raspberry and cut-up mochi; but I do him one better by adding Cap'n Crunch to mine. The Cap'n Crunch makes the yogurt absolutely sublime. You can also add Cocoa Pebbles or Fruity Pebbles as well. They have GOT to have a Pinkberry in SF, somewhere, anywhere. I'm addicted.

o Next stop, Hurry Curry of Tokyo in Sawtelle because I can't get decent Japanese wafu curry in SF. Their tonkatsu curry's good, but it's only got me craving CoCo Ichiban in Honolulu more. *sigh*

o The husband suggests going to Pinkberry yet again on Sawtelle. I think the look of pain in my face was enough to make him reconsider.

o Finally, for dinner, we end up going to Fat Cat's Cafe, a locals' greasy spoon up in Port San Luis (near SLO)/Avila Beach for their killer onion rings (best in the 805 and maybe in California) and a Fisherman's platter, where the fried seafood was so fresh that both the fried oysters and scallops sprayed juice everywhere when we bit into them.

I think I'm going to fast for the next couple of weeks to make up for all the food I ate this weekend. Blah.

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