Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More random stuff...

o I have a solid A in my anatomy class after blasting through my lab practical, and hoping to get at least an A in my lecture exam. Also started looking at cadaver prosections, and surprisingly, I wasn't as disturbed about it as I thought I was. Except for the smell for formalin, which I can't stand. Thank god for Vicks!

o Speaking of Vicks, I saw a couple of videos from the woman who runs, a series of hilarious vidoes about life seen through a Filipina American's eyes. Here's Peelings below....

o In anatomy, one of the things that we were able to look at was a hemisected head in a bucket. Hmm. Head in a bucket. Maybe later.

o For some reason, I'm mildly trippin' that I'll be 33 next Wednesday. And did I mention to buy me something off my Amazon Wish List?

o This woman that I knew from junior high school asked me to add her on MySpace. Considering she was one of the people who was really responsible for making my life miserable in junior high, and that she's never apologized for what she did to me, it took me a while to figure out how to respond.

I told her off. In a nice way, of course (no mentioning of fucking herself with a large saguaro cactus since she lives in Arizona, though I really, really wanted to), and to stop bugging me.

A couple things shocked me about this--that I had held such a grudge against her and the group of people that she represented (rich privilged clueless white teenagers who have no idea how cruel they can be and their followers), and the fact that I only felt a little twinge of guilt after I sent it off and blocked her ass.

Then I got over it.

o My ass is feeling much better. And I get my sebaceous cyst removed tomorrow morning. I was reading some stuff online about how these cysts can be removed and came across this article where it said:

Vigorous expression of the cyst contents can cause material to literally fly across the room.


I guess this is one case where splattering against the wall would not be something to be proud of.

o And with that, I'm going to bed.

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Meeta said...

Dude. I was going to go eat...but I think after reading the last of your post...I'm back on a diet, because i'm green. Leave it to stkyrice :)